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WrestleMania is available for free but WWE is telling fans they can pay $59.99 for the show

WWE continues to hype that new WWE Network subscribers can watch WrestleMania for free and current subscribers will get it as part of their $9.99 monthly subscription.

On SmackDown, WWE also advertised that fans can also order the show through the website or app. The show can be purchased via FOX Sports for $59.99. Most wrestling fans will know that they can get it for a cheaper price (or free) through the WWE Network but it looks like WWE is banking on some fans to pay $59.99 this weekend.

Given the current situation with the economy taking due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s an interesting move. Most fans will likely watch the show on the WWE Network but I would bet that anyone who pays $59.99 might be upset to find out after the show that they could have gotten the show for free since there will likely be plenty of WWE Network commercials during the show.

The show is also available for purchase on the FITE TV and through cable providers.

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