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WrestleMania results: The Undertaker has apparently retired

Jim Ross was introduced before the match started. As noted earlier this weekend, he was bring brought in to call a match. It was announced that this would be a No Holds Barred match so anything goes and the match can only end via pinfall. The show ran much longer than previous WrestleMania’s and the match didn’t officially get started until 11:35pm eastern.

Much of the early part of the match took place at ringside. That included a spot with Reigns running from one announcers table to the spanish announcers table to spear Taker. Later on, Taker hit a Last Ride but Reigns kicked out of the pin attempt. Later, Reigns kicked out of a Tombstone piledriver. Fans were dead for most of Reigns’ offense and they booed when Reigns tried to pick up Taker but they botched whatever they were trying to do.

Later on, Reigns hit Taker with several chair shots and a spear but Taker still kicked out of the pin attempt. Taker struggled to get himself back up as Reigns expressed frustration and regret on his face. Reigns hit another spear but Taker kicked out of the pin attempt. Taker struggled to sit up after getting hit with another Superman punch. Reigns swatted Taker away as Taker got back up on his feet. Reigns hit one final spear and then pinned Taker.

I know it’s said every year, but this may have been The Undertaker’s final match. Reigns walked off and then the cameras focused back on The Undertaker in the ring as fans chanted “Thank you Taker.” They showed a replay of the match and when they came back to the ring, Taker was in full gear and his music played. This definitely feels like it was his last match. Taker then took off his gloves, robe and hat and left it in the ring. He walked over to his wife before walking up the rampway.

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