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Wrestlers are now allowed to wear masks during WWE TV tapings

As I noted earlier, there was a lot of frustration in the company from wrestlers and staff because of the feeling that WWE should have done more to minimize everyone’s exposure to COVID-19.

At least two wrestlers indicated that they would not be attending the next set of tapings unless masks were made mandatory. I can confirm now that the developmental/NXT wrestlers in the crowd will be allowed to wear masks.

This is a reversal from what was reported a few days ago. Bryan Alvarez noted that he was told that masks were discouraged from being worn inside of the Performance Center. The recent outbreak has forced WWE (Vince McMahon) to reverse course.

WWE is currently taping tonight’s episode of SmackDown and I was told that everyone (except the performers in the ring for their matches) so far have been wearing masks including members of the production crew.

There is still no word from WWE on how many people have tested positive for COVID-19. At last word, the belief is that the number is at least in the two dozen range.


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