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Wrestlers fall off the roof, Vince McMahon appears, Otis and Asuka win WWE Money In The Bank

The Men’s and Women’s Ladder Matches closed out this year’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Both matches took place at the same time.

Women’s Ladder match participants: Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella.

Men’s Ladder match participants: Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles.

The men began fighting in the gym. The women started fighting in the lobby and Asuka kicked things off by diving off a platform onto the other competitors. Asuka took off ina an elevator.

They cut back to the men in the gym. Otis sat weights on AJ Styles’ chest to keep him from getting up. They cut to the other men running into a bathroom and then Brother Love showed up. The  men then chased each other into another hallway as the women mad their way up to a different floor as they attempted to cut Asuka off in the elevator. Asuka was able to sneak away but Shayna Baszler chased after her while Aleister Black snuck away as Daniel Bryan and Otis beat up on Corbin. For some reason, some guy in clown make up popped up from behind a chair and then they cut to the women in a hallway and conference room.

While in the conference room, Dana Brooke smashed Nia Jax in the back with a chair and Dana grabbed a Money In The Bank briefcase hanging on the ceiling but Stephanie McMahon said that was not the real case and the real case if on the roof. Carmella smashed Dana with a picture frame but Lacey hit Carmella with the Women’s Right.

They cut to AJ, who was finally able to get up after he was taken out earlier in the gym. AJ walked into a room with purple light as The Undertaker’s music was playing and clips were shown of AJ getting buried in the Boneyard Match. Aleister Black appeared and kicked AJ into the room and locked the door.

Paul Heyman was shown eating food at a table but the men and women ran in and chaos broke out into a food fight with Heyman being the first to get a plate of food in his face. Shayna had Rey in a choke at one point during the food fight and there was wacky music playing during this scene. Nia powerbombed Carmella through a table and then she stood face to face with Otis but they backed away from each other. Otis discovered the cafeteria and ate some more food. John Laurinaitis appeared in a scooter and gave his trademark “People Power” gesture.

The next scene was Asuka trying to ask for directions as she was being chased by the women. Dana Brooke slipped and fell on the back of her head and then they cut back to Asuka being chased by Nia Jax and Lacey Evans up the stairs.

They cut to Daniel Bryan and AJ in Vince McMahon’s office. Vince stood up and everything stopped as he yelled at them to get out of the office. AJ and Daniel resumed fighting outside of Vince’s office and Baron Corbin and Aleister Black joined in.

The next scene was up on the roof where Nia Jax, Lacey Evans and Asuka battled in the ring with the ladders. Asuka fought off Nia and Lacey and was about to grab the briefcase but Corbin showed up but Asuka fought him off and then she grabbed the briefcase.

Corbin tossed Mysterio and Black off of the top of the building. Corbin and AJ fought and both grabbed the case. Elias appeared and hit Corbin with the guitar and the case flew into Otis’ hands.

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