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Wrestlers in Money In The Bank match were not told about surprise Brock Lesnar appearance

As I noted last night here on, Brock Lesnar’s appearance was kept a secret from almost everyone except a small circle of people in the company.

Aside from Paul Heyman (obviously), the McMahon family and probably Kevin Dunn, Lesnar’s appearance at Money In The Bank was kept a closely guarded secret and even the wrestlers in the ring did not know he would be coming out at the end.

PWInsider reports that the wrestlers in the men’s Money In The Bank match were told that there would be a spot at the end of the match with Ali standing on top of the ladder and he would be pushed off. They were not told that it would be Lesnar.

Other wrestlers in the company were told that Ali was going to win the match. That obviously was not the case and, in hindsight, it was just misdirection to keep the Lesnar appearance a secret.

Lesnar was not backstage until the minute he was supposed to go out to the ring. Typically, WWE will hide a wrestler in a bus or limo and then have them walk out to the gorilla position at the last minute. This time they took extra steps to keep Lesnar a secret from the people involved in the match.

Lesnar is scheduled to wrestle at the WWE SuperShow event in Saudi Arabia.


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