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Wrestlers reportedly unhappy after 'very aggressive' Vince McMahon finds legal loophole to run live shows



As noted earlier, the call has been made to scrap this weekend's TV tapings and shows will air live every week moving forward.

I noted earlier how this was an interesting decision because of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' stay-at-home order. The decision to scrap the tapings was made earlier on Friday when they taped 205 Live and SmackDown. The crew was told to tape this week's SmackDown as close to live as possible.

Fightful is reporting that a "very aggressive" Vince McMahon is the person who made the call and wrestlers were said to be unhappy about the decision.

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The staff was given a letter on Friday that said that they are considered "essential media" if they were stopped by police.

"Newspapers, television, radio and other media" are on the list of essential services deemed by the state so it looks like WWE is following state laws by continuing with the tapings.

WWE's plans for the scrapped tapings were to bring people in waves to the PC with the ring ropes and canvas being switched out in between matches.

It's not clear why McMahon was being described as "very aggressive" but I could imagine that it was a tough day for him as he had to officially announce that his XFL football league was laying off almost all employees and shutting down the league with no plans to return in 2021.