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Wrestlers unsure of TNA's future, TNA claims that a deal will be reached next week

TNA talent was told since Bound For Glory that a TV deal is about a week away. There has been tremendous frustration because it didn't happen last week. The latest word that was given to the talent was that a deal would be reached by November 19. That is the day of the last Impact show, at least for the time being. After November 19 then Spike will air "best of" shows.

I noted earlier that there has been talent that has not heard anything from the company. Bully Ray made a not-so-subtle reference on twitter about the lack of communication from the company. Dave Meltzer noted that this is the first week that some of the veteran talent in the company were privately saying that really were not sure if TNA would be coming back. We noted earlier that Al Snow, who does take occasional independent dates, was looking to fill up his calendar in December in January.

Dave Meltzer was able to confirm that they are close to a deal. No word on who but as noted earlier, people in the company have claimed that Spike is in the running and TNA has been talking with the Destination America channel.

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