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Wrestling promoters having trouble booking former WWE star Cesaro



Former WWE star Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) is one of the biggest names available on the free agent market but, as of yet, there's no indication of what his plans are.

The latest on him is that several wrestling promoters are interested in booking him but what he is asking for is said to be significant. In some cases, promoters have not heard back from him.

Cesaro left WWE in February after both sides were unable to reach a new deal. The door is open for him to return but it seems as if they would have to raise their price if they want him back. Since there is no non-compete clause when a WWE contract expires, he has been free to sign with any company since late February.

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Fightful first reported about promoters trying to book him and some not hearing back from him. The report also noted that Cesaro priced himself out of some bookings and he has an agent representing him. The high asking price is common among wrestlers who want to pick and choose a few select bookings and oftentimes this happens with wrestlers who are financially stable. Bray Wyatt is an example of this and given that Cesaro had been with WWE for 11 years and he's not known to throw away his money, he is likely in the same spot as Wyatt and he may not have a need to work anywhere right now.

Cesaro recently teased on Twitter that fans will see him soon. As previously noted, he registered for the trademark "CSRO" and he recently sent out the following tweet that simply reads: "Soon..."

It's no secret that Tony Khan is a huge fan of Cesaro, dating back to his days in Ring of Honor so it's possible that we may see him in AEW at some point.