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WWE acknowledges CM Punk’s title reign accomplishment

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WWE acknowledges CM Punk’s title reign accomplishment

CM Punk has been a big news story in wrestling and MMA over the past week and a half.

Punk was outclassed when he lost to Mike Jackson on Saturday night but several wrestlers took to Twitter to offer support and congratulate him for even having the guts to get into the Octagon. Suspiciously, other than the tweet storm from Corey Graves, there wasn’t much chatter from any current WWE Superstar or any of the official WWE accounts. Until Thursday.

On Monday, WWE posted a graphic touting that Brock Lesnar surpassed Punk’s 434 championship reign. Some fans took it as a jab at Punk since the company doctor Chris Amann lost his defamation case.

On Thursday, WWE posted an infographic of the longest title reigns from the last decade. They list Lesnar (Universal Championship-438 days), Punk (WWE Championship-434 days), Pete Dunne (UK Championship-390 days), and Dean Ambrose (U.S. Championship-351 days).


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Is it surprising to see Punk mentioned? Yes. But don’t take it as a sign of anything because Punk has already stated that he is done with professional wrestling. Even if he does wrestle again, it seems unlikely that WWE would even be a consideration for him.

It is good to see that WWE is not actively trying to erase Punk from their history.

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