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WWE, AEW, other wrestling promotions reportedly have no interest in signing Alberto Del Rio

Over the years, Alberto Del Rio has stated that WWE is interested in bringing him back, but it has yet to happen. WWE has previously denied that there have been any talks about bringing him back.

As previously reported in October, Del Rio was reportedly telling friends that he was going back to WWE when his legal situation cleared up as he was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Del Rio’s public relations agent recently stated that those charges have been dropped against him.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful mentioned on Twitter that he’s been told by multiple promotions (WWE, MLW, and Impact Wrestling) that they have no interest in bringing in the former WWE Champion. This was in response to a person thinking Del Rio will end up in a top promotion next year.

“I’ve spoken with people from WWE, MLW, Impact who say they either have no interest in bringing Del Rio in or would be shocked if it happens. AEW talent I’ve spoken to say they’ve never heard him mentioned as even possibly coming in.”

Del Rio hasn’t worked for a major promotion since 2018 when he wrapped up a run in Impact Wrestling.

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