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WWE allegedly told Angel Garza to cut his hair last year because they planned on pushing him

As noted earlier, Andrade spoke with Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovich (click here to watch the interview) about what led to his exit from WWE and some of the behind-the-scenes issues involving him and his fiancee Charlotte Flair.

Andrade said that he had thoughts a whlie back about asking for his release but he finally made his decision this past month. He said that the wrestlers have been great to him and there is a lot of talent in the company but a lot of people complain and don’t speak up or ask to be let go. He praised guys like Ricochet, Aleister Black, and Angel Garza as talented guys who don’t get much from creative.

He noted that WWE told Garza to cut his hair because they were going to push him and he was happy that there were plans to push him. Andrade said that WWE also hasn’t done much with Humberto Carrillo and Garza has a lot of charisma with some people making comparisons to Eddie Guerrero.

Andrade said that he took time off in October to get a procedure done on his eyes but he was cleared in November and he wasn’t used.  Andrade said when he returned backstage in February, he talked to people in creative and he gave them some ideas. He also noted that Charlotte Flair pitched ideas to get him involved with her storyline with Lacey Evans.

As noted earlier, Andrade talked about the WWE doctor misdiagnosing Charlotte as being pregnant. Click here for more on that along with Charlotte’s statement.

We will have more notes up from the interview in a few minutes.

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