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WWE and AEW bidding to get top stars who are leaving Impact Wrestling

As noted earlier this week, LAX is finishing up with Impact Wrestling.

We previously noted that LAX’s contract was up at Slammiversary but actually, they have less than a month left and then they can negotiate with other companies. WWE and AEW are interested in them.

Another wrestler who has interest from AEW and WWE is John Hennigan (aka Johnny Impact). Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Hennigan has gotten significant offers from WWE and AEW but no decision has been made on what he will do.

There are people in WWE who believe that LAX will start with them in September. However, most close to the situation believe LAX will be making the decision to go to AEW.

Impact Wrestling obviously wants to keep them but they may not be able to offer what AEW and WWE will offer. Losing LAX would be a huge blow and a big win for AEW as they continue to boost their tag team division. AEW plans on putting a heavy focus on their tag team division and the tournament to crown the first World Tag Team Champions will start in October on the weekly TV show.

Another thing to consider with LAX is that WWE will likely never bring in Konnan as part of the group and there’s a good chance that AEW would bring him in because of their relationship with AAA. Konnan is a very important part of the group for their promos.

Meanwhile, Hennigan has been looking to get into acting. If he works a WWE schedule, that would make it difficult for him. The AEW schedule would make it much easier for him to take on outside projects.

If anyone is doubting that the WWE vs. AEW war is real, just look at the bidding war that has been created. WWE is paying more for talent than they have since the late 90s.

Just a few weeks ago, Stephanie McMahon commented on AEW being competition for WWE. Check out the video below:

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