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WWE and TNA want Alberto El Patron as his future with Lucha Underground is in doubt

Things are up in the air regarding Alberto El Patron and Lucha Underground. Several sources have indicated that there are issues coming from Alberto’s side about financial and creative and the belief is that he’s unlikely to return. Alberto was the highest paid wrestler in the company and he came off as the biggest star. People close to the situation are saying that he can get out of his contract.

Basically, the feeling is that he was promised that the show would be built around him and he didn’t feel that it was happening. He has said things publicly about being told about the start date for the second season only for the start date to be pushed back several times. Alberto has been pushed as the biggest thing in the promotion so I don’t see where he was screwed in regards to how he was used on their TV show.

There has been some form of communication between Alberto’s side and TNA. TNA wanted him back in January and he was reportedly offered over $400,000 to sign with them. It’s interesting because he was being offered that kind of money while some people in TNA were not getting paid on time. John Gaburick is a huge fan of Alberto since they worked together in WWE.

There is also interest from New Japan Pro Wrestling. He worked in Japan years ago as Dos Caras, Jr. The problem is that New Japan won’t use him if he’s still with AAA because of politics involved. Keep in mind that Alberto is the current world champion in AAA and AAA’s business has picked up thanks, in part to, Alberto El Patron and Rey Mysterio. Alberto was said to have had issues with what he was being paid at Lucha Underground and the fact that he was not the main event at Ultima Lucha.

We noted before that there has been talk within WWE about bringing him back. In fact, WWE never wanted him to leave but they had to let him go after he slapped their social media guy after some perceived racial comments were made. He was told by Triple H that they would bring him back in 6 months after things died down. Also, there were some top talent that spoke up for Alberto because he was well-liked. If he ends up signing with TNA then it wouldn’t affect his status with AAA since TNA is not running many shows and there would be no issues for him working for both companies.

Several companies have made offers to him for boxing and MMA but, at 38 years old, doesn’t seem to be leaning in that direction.

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