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WWE announcer Michael Cole dealing with 65 percent hearing loss



WWE SmackDown announcer revealed today that he is dealing with 65 percent hearing loss. Cole revealed this after a commercial break during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

When McAfee was asked what he and Cole talk about during commercial breaks, McAfee said, "Mike Cole's deaf, so he can't hear a f---ing thing we say."

Cole confirmed McAfee's statement, "That is true, I'm actually, like, 65 percent hearing loss." Cole said that he said three words to McAfee during three commercial breaks but he is able to continue his job because he wears an earpiece in his ear.

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McAfee then thanked Cole for his years of work at the announcer's table. "I'm like, man, I appreciate your commitment to the entertainment because that's 100 percent because of you having a headset on for 25 years," McAfee said.

Cole was on the Pat McAfee Show for three hours today. You can watch the show by clicking below.

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