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WWE apologizes to fans who were told to remove their costumes at Monday Night Raw

We noted this morning that a group of fans in the front row were told by security to remove their costumes or else they would lose their seats. The group of fans were wearing costumes from late 80s/early 90s WWF Superstars and were given t-shirts promoting current stars including John Cena and The Usos.

Well, the story has been picked up by the Washington Post. The Post spoke with Kris Laufer, who was dressed as The Ultimate Warrior. Laufer said that his group was not acting belligerent and not causing trouble and they were just there to enjoy the show. His friend Matt Sheridan penned a letter to WWE and later posted it to reddit. He said, "I assure you none of the members of our party were being in any way unruly or belligerent. You can watch the taping and see for yourself. We were merely watching the show."

The group paid more than $1,000 for their seats and they paid additional cash for WWE-sanctioned merchandise that was used on some of the costumes that they were asked to remove. The Post says that WWE has offered an apology to the fans in the group that wrote to WWE and the wording in each apology was the same.

Click here to read the letter that prompted the apology from WWE. WWE's official statement is that they "apologized to the fans for the inconvenience." Click here to read the story.

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Also, as noted earlier, there were other fans at the show that claim that their Daniel Bryan signs were confiscated as they entered the arena. You can read more on that at this link.