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WWE apparently not happy with anti-Roman Reigns signs

We’ve noted before that security at WWE events have taken away anti-Roman Reigns signs. Sometimes, fans are able to get stuff through security and sometimes it makes it on TV. During Sunday’s WWE Payback, a fan held up a sign that said “Where it Reigns, it bores.”

Jake sent in this photo (see below) that was edited on without the “it bores” part on the sign.

roman sign

For anyone holding out hope for a Roman Reigns heel turn, keep in mind that the company sees him as the guy that can do some of the charity work and media appearances that John Cena has done over the years and he has the “look” that they want for their top guy. A guy like AJ Styles would probably never be looked at as “the guy” in the company because he doesn’t fit the mold of what they want when they send Roman out to do appearances on the Today Show, for example.

One other note from Payback…apparently the boos for Roman at Payback were much louder than it came across on TV.

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