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WWE appears to be serious about pushing Cody Rhodes as a top star



WWE seems to be fully committed to pushing Cody Rhodes as their top star on the Raw brand.

During today's USFL broadcast, a commercial aired to promote Monday Night Raw on USA and Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. The commercial featured Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with the SmackDown logo and Cody Rhodes on the Raw side.

PWInsider reported this past week that Rhodes is currently slotted as the number two babyface on the Raw brand, second to Bobby Lashley. AJ Styles is listed as the number three babyface. However, the list changes all the time and Rhodes is currently getting more television time. This past Monday he was given two segments on the show. Rhodes kicked off the show in a segment with The Miz before going back out later for his match.

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It is believed that Rhodes is among the top paid people in the company and he has stated that he signed a very complex contract. So far, WWE has agreed to allow Rhodes to keep his music and overall presentation from his days in AEW. He has also been allowed to use banned words during his promos. The use of the word "wrestler" and "belt" during his segment on Miz TV was not an accident.

As Rhodes stated during his Raw after WrestleMania promo, his goal is to win the WWE Championship. That would mean that he would need to wrestle Roman Reigns. At this point, Reigns is scheduled for matches with Drew McIntyre and that feud is expected to run at least for the next couple of months. If Rhodes is the next person in line after McIntyre then it would seem likely that Rhodes vs. Reigns would happen at SummerSlam on July 30 in Nashville.

There's also been talk of Brandi Rhodes getting an on-air role so fans may see them paired as an on-screen couple again.