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WWE appears to be teasing a split for a popular team



This week on Smackdown Live, there was a backstage segment with Rusev and Aiden English. Lana was there to tell her husband that he was being held back.

It looks like WWE is getting ready to split Rusev from English. If that happens, it would benefit Rusev and Lana because they were pushed when they were a couple. WWE hasn't done much with Lana in recent months and, although Rusev is one of the most popular stars in WWE and he gets babyface reactions, creative hasn't done anything meaningful with him in many months.

Last summer, when Rusev lost quickly to Randy Orton at SummerSlam, the idea was to give Rusev a fresh start. The "Rusev Day" stuff was an accident and the company didn't expect him to get over as a babyface despite the way he has been booked.

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When the decision was made to switch out Chris Jericho back to Rusev as The Undertaker's opponent at the Greatest Royal Rumble show, one of the reasons why they wanted Rusev back in the match was because Vince McMahon wanted the casket match to signal a fresh restart for the character. It's looking like Rusev will be turning on English soon. It's not clear what this means for English going forward.