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WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt is ready to retire, talks his relationship with Vince McMahon

Jerry McDevitt has worked as the attorney for WWE since the late 1980s and along the way, he has formed a strong friendship with Vince McMahon due to everything that they have gone through together. Not only does McMahon trust him to represent him in court, but McDevitt’s firm also handles McMahon’s estate plans and tax returns.

The Pittsburgh-Gazette Post published a feature about McDevitt, who turns 72 this month. He noted that he has told McMahon that he wants to retire.

“WWE is a major client, but I have other clients. I also represented Dr. Cyril Wecht. I’ll be 72 in January, so I’ve been trying to turn it down a little bit as I’m headed into retirement. But because of my longstanding relationship with WWE, I continue to represent them, although I keep telling Vince I do want to retire.”

He continued by noting that usually, relationships with lawyers and companies are at the general counsel level and never with the CEO or chairman of the board.

“But my contact and my relationship is directly with and to Vince. It always has been. It always will be. That’s kind of a unique relationship in the landscape of the law these days for the outside counsel to have that sort of direct relationship.”

McDevitt looked back on the steroid trials that McMahon and his company were part of. In fact, McDevitt was interviewed for the Dark Side of the Ring episode on the trial. McDevitt stated that after the steroid trials, “my relationship with Vince and Linda McMahon became almost family-like.”

MLW recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against WWE where they alleged WWE attempted to undermine competition, monopolize the wrestling market, and more.

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