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WWE Attorney Jerry McDevitt responds to Buff Bagwell’s lawsuit

As we reported a couple of days ago, former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is suing WWE for royalties he says are owed to him. Bagwell was under WWE contract for a very brief time in 2001 after WWE purchased WCW. Click here for more on the lawsuit filed by Bagwell.

WWE Attorney Jerry McDevitt issued the following statement on the lawsuit:

“Since the first purported class action case was brought on behalf of Billy Jack Haynes almost two years ago, this pack of class action lawyers have filed by my count 14 different complaints or amended complaints. All of them have been full of patently false allegations, and none of them have gone anywhere. They haven’t got a penny, and the judge is in the process of deciding whether to throw other ones out.  Bagwell’s lawsuit is much the same. It is based on clearly false facts, and would embarrass a first year law student because of the ignorance of basic contract law principles.   Bagwell was never promised a penny by anybody for the use of WCW archival footage. Not by Turner and not by WWE, and he knows it. Like I did before with [Rene] Dupree’s bad faith lawsuit, I will be demanding they withdraw this latest suit next week. If they don’t, we will move to dismiss, ask for sanctions, and seek to recover counsel fees from Bagwell.”

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