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WWE Backlash results: Braun Strowman vs. The Miz and John Morrison for the Universal Championship



In a placeholder feud because of Bray Wyatt being unavailable, Braun Strowman put his WWE Universal Championship on the line in a Handicap Match against The Miz and John Morrison at WWE Backlash.

Miz and Morrison used teamwork to take out Strowman in the opening minutes of the match. Strowman eventually fought his way back with elbows and a Beale out of the corner to Miz but Strowman missed a charge into the corner and Morrison tagged himself into the match and continued to attack Strowman. Miz tagged back in and resumed his offense.

There was trouble between Miz and Morrison when Miz pulled Morrison off Strowman during a pin attempt. Strowman fought his way back and hit a running powerslam on Morrison to win the short match.

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