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WWE Backlash results: Edge vs. Randy Orton in "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"



In the main event of WWE Backlash, Randy Orton took on Edge in what was billed as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever." The announcers said this match would have unique camera angles and enhanced audio. The were able to do this because the match was taped last weekend.

Here are notes written during the match:

They used audio of Howard Finkel to do the ring introductions. It was clear that they added some artificial crowd noise but it was a good thing because it really did enhance the match. They started off with arm drags like Steamboat and Savage but Orton was able to avoid the last one and caused Edge to land on his head. Orton outsmarted Edge in the opening minutes but Edge was able to turn things around and he took over on offense by kicking Orton in the face at ringside. Orton was able to kick out of the first pinfall attempt.

Orton was quickly able to get back on offense with an uppercut but Edge was able to counter into an armbar into a headlock. Moments later, Edge was able to get a headscissors to pull Orton out of the ring. Edge tried a move off the top but Orton cut him off with punches. Orton tried to suplex Edge from the ring to the outside but Edge fought back and then he hit a clothesline off the turnbuckle. The camera zoomed in on Orton's face and it showed that he was bleeding from his forehead. Edge hit a side Russian leg sweep into a crossface submission but Orton got his foot on the bottom rope. Orton was able to fight back with a choke into a modified back breaker/neck breaker. Orton then rammed Edge's head and neck into the barricade, apron and announcers table several times at ringside. He also rammed the back of Edge's head and neck into the steel steps several times. Orton then slammed Edge back first on the announce desk.

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Orton brought Edge into the ring and tried to pin him but Edge kicked out. Orton locked in a sleeper choke but Edge stomped Orton's foot to break out of it but Orton shoved Edge neck-first into the top turnbuckle. Orton did a tribute to Eddie Guerrero with Three Amigo's suplexes but Edge countered before the third suplex. Edge hit his own series of suplexes in a tribute to Eddie. Both men traded chops as they made their way up to their feet with Edge getting the upperhand until Orton hit a dropkick. Orton pulled Edge into the post at ringside and that did more damage to Edge's neck. Orton hit a very nice looking superplex off the top rope as WWE used a new camera angle for this spot. Orton continued the attack with an uppercut and then he sent Edge into the ropes but they both collided in the center of the ring as they both tried a cross body at the same time.

Edge kicked Orton in the head and then he tried a move off the top but Orton caught him with punches. Orton tried the draping DDT but Edge countered into the Edgecution DDT. Edge took out Orton with a knee to the face and then a running elbow to the chest but Orton was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Edge followed up with a cross body off the top but Orton kicked out of the pin attempt. Edge went for a spear, Orton ducked and Orton went for a rollup but Edge locked in a crossface submission but Orton counted into a pin attempt that Edge kicked out of. Edge went back for the arm but Orton hit an Angle Slam but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Orton sent Edge into the ropes and then tried a dropkick but Edge countered into a powerbomb and a near fall. Edge went after Orton but Edge took a body drop over the top rope and to the floor. Orton hit a draping DDT in the ring but Orton didn't go for a pin. Instead, he began to signal for the RKO by pounding his fist on the mat. Edge countered the RKO attempt, Orton leapfrogged and Edge hit the Edge-o-Matic. Edge went for a spear, Orton leapfrogged but Edge hit the Unprittier but Orton kicked out of the pin attempt. Orton dumped Edge's ribs onto the top rope, Orton then hit Triple H's Pedigree but Edge kicked out. Edge fought back and hit a Rock Bottom but Orton kicked out of that. Edge tried the sharpshooter but Orton kicked him off. Edge managed to get a backslide into a pin attempt but Orton kicked out and then hit him with an uppercut. Orton went for another draping DDT but Edge caught him and drove Orton's throat to the ropes and then he tried several consecutive pin attempts but Orton caught Edge with the RKO but Edge barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Orton argued with the referee about the count as the replay showed that Edge barely got his shoulder up.

Orton went for the punt to the head but Edge caught him with a spear. Edge hit a second spear and then went for the pin but Orton kicked out. Edge did a move off the middle rope but Orton caught him with another RKO but Edge kicked out again. Edge was able to lock a triangle choke but Orton hit a low blow and a kick to the head> Orton pinned Edge to win the match.

After the match, the audio picked up Orton telling Edge to go home and tell his kids that Uncle Randy said hi.

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