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WWE Backlash results: Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus



The second match on the main card of WWE Backlash was Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus. The story of this match is Hardy wanted to get his hands on Sheamus because he believes Sheamus was behind the parking lot attack from a few weeks ago. WWE has told the talent to make sure that "read hair and beard" needs to mentioned during this storyline. Click here for news on who might be the actual attacker (hint: not Sheamus).

Here are some noted from the match:

They started out by wrestling snug, which makes sense since this feud has been very personal or Hardy. After a few minutes, the action spilled to ringside with Hardy launching himself off steel steps and onto Sheamus at ringside. Hardy thought about bringing the steps into the ring but he chose not to because he knew he would get disqualified. As Hardy got in the ring, he was nailed with several blows to the back of the head and neck. Sheamus then picked up Hardy and dropped him on the turnbuckle with his legs hitting the post. Sheamus continued on offense with two Irish Curse backbreaker before attempting a pin that Hardy would kick out of.

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Sheamus continued on the attack with a sleeper hold and rake of the eyes on Hardy but Hardy slowly began to mount a comeback with a back suplex and punches but Sheamus cut him off with a clothesline. Sheamus tried a clothesline off the top but Hardy ducked and then hit Whisper in the Wind. Sheamus kicked out of the pin attempt. A few moments later, Hardy was able to get to the top rope for a move but Sheamus knocked him off the ropes and then he hit White Noise but Hardy kicked out of the pin attempt. Sheamus was able to turn things around and he locked Hardy into a Texas Cloverleaf but Hardy was able to break the hold by getting to the bottom rope. Hardy was able to turn things around with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb off the top but Sheamus got his foot on the bottom rope. At ringside, Hardy was nailed with a kick to the face as he was trying to dive off the barricade onto Sheamus. Back in the ring, Sheamus hit another Brogue Kick to win the match. It looks like this feud will continue into Extreme Rules.

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