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WWE Backlash results: Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders in a cinematic match



In the semi-main event spot of WWE Backlash, The Street Profits put their Raw Tag Team Championship on the line against The Viking Raiders in a cinematic match.

The match got started in the parking lot and they accidentally busted the windshield of Braun Strowman's car. They made their way into the tent area just outside of the Performance Center. Ivar had a daydream from their bowling competition and then he tossed a bowling ball into the crotch of Montez Ford. Ivar went to check on Erik just as Angelo Dawkins speared Erik through a window.

Erik had a dream from their golf competition and declared that they can do anything better than Street Profits. Back outside, a bunch of people showed up on motorcycles. One of the bikers (ninjas) took off his helmet and revealed himself as Akira Tozawa and said "we can do better" with subtitles to translate. Viking Raiders joined forces to become the Viking Profits so they could take out the ninjas in a comedic fight scene. They took out the ninjas but then a 7 foot tall ninja appeared. Street Profits and Viking Raiders wanted nothing to do with the giant ninja after he pulled out a sword so they took off. The fight continued on top of a production truck and then Dawkins and Erik fell off of it. Ivar pushed Ford off of the truck and into a dumpster. All four men ended up in the dumpster and then there was another dream sequence with flashbacks to segments that aired in previous weeks. Ref Jessika Carr appeared to tell them that their match was next as something was heard growling in the dumpster bin and that was the end of the segment. There was no winner.

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