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WWE bringing back Talking Smack?

With WWE bringing back Raw Talk earlier this year, it led to some people speculating that the company could also revive Talking Smack, but there hadn’t been anything to support those rumors until now. reported on Tuesday that “The WWE Network may soon revive Talking Smack” and the “revival may be as soon as later this month.” The show was canceled in July 2017.

Per the report, there’s been internal talk of reviving Talking Smack as far back as January 2020 but the company has not pulled the trigger.  It was added that “now, it appears that time is closer than ever.”

The show, which was hosted by Renee Young and then-SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, first launched in August 2016.

Talking Smack was widely popular among fans due to the unscripted nature of the show. There were various memorable segments including when Bryan and The Miz had a heated exchange that had fans thinking that it was a set up for a future match.

This was at a time where Bryan had retired due to WWE not clearing him because of his history with concussions.

Raw Talk follows Monday Night Raw and airs on both the free and paid tiers of the WWE Network.

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