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WWE bringing back WCW shows for live events and specials?



WCW might be coming back from the dead, at least in the form of WCW-labeled shows. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that officials are close to deciding on bringing back some WCW live events and specials in the near future.

So, this means that we could see event names like Starrcade and Road Wild used. The Great American Bash name was used was revived by WWE in 2004 before the name was dropped in 2009. In 2009, the show was simply referred to as The Bash. The Clash Of The Champions pay-per-view was another name that was revived by WWE except with a slight variation on the name (it was called Clash Of Champions) and first aired in 2016 as a replacement for Night Of Champions.

The last I heard was that Clash Of Champions was scheduled for Boston, MA in December. If they want to bring back a cool pay-per-view name then Starrcade would not be a bad idea. Starrcade was the NWA/WCW's biggest pay-per-view and ran on Thanksgiving week until they moved it to December in 1988.

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