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WWE Champion Big E on why he didn’t change his character, how he has an effect on people’s lives

Sam Roberts welcomed WWE Champion Big E as his guest this week on the Notsam Wrestling podcast. Big E talked about his big title win, Bron Breakker, Goldberg, Bobby Lashley, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Big E talking about being able to have an effect on people’s lives;

“I realized a long time ago that I very much love the craft of wrestling. At its very simplest, I love the ability to be able to move a crowd, to have people laugh or smile because of something you did. Seeing this woman, she posted something and I responded to it, just balling, seeing her cry because she said she’s been a fan of me from my entire main roster run, knowing that I can have that effect on someone’s day or life is so incredibly beautiful because I feel like I’ve found my purpose.

I feel like I’ve found some sense of fulfillment in knowing that I’m here on this earth, and I get to make other people’s day better, even if it’s just for a split moment. Even if they smile, or they cry tears of joy, or if they laugh, and then they forget about it and go on with their day, I take so much pleasure and fulfillment to be that for someone. To be an escape, to provide some levity, to be some joy, is really beautiful, and I’m really blessed.”

Big E said he is glad he has not changed his character:

“That’s important to me. That’s a lesson I learned with The New Day because we have the same pressures to change, to be more serious, to fit in a certain mold, and we just didn’t want to. We simply were stubborn about it. We believed so much in our chemistry in the three of us and our talent. I was extremely fortunate and blessed to be with two other guys who I think are incredible on the mic, in the ring, who can do so many things even outside of wrestling, and are just tremendous human beings. That taught me a real lesson in this business that even though there is a certain formula or a certain mold, you can do things in a way that feel authentic, genuine, and unique to you because in my mind, we didn’t need another guy who comes out wearing all black who is brooding and comes out to heavy metal or scary dark things.

There’s so many awesome characters. That’s not me judging. There’s so many people that do that and kill it. That’s not me. I think a big part of success in wrestling is finding where the void is, finding what people aren’t doing, and finding what it is that you can do and what you’re good at that can fill a certain niche or a certain void. As much as I think there are people who will be bigger than me, who will be stronger than me, who will be taller than me, maybe better talkers than me, but I don’t think, respectively without me being too arrogant, I don’t think there’s someone who can simply replace me. I don’t think there’s another me out there right now. There are a lot of people who can do a lot of incredible things in different ways, but I just feel like I’ve found the way I was supposed to perform. I’ve found the way I was supposed to connect with people. So much of this feels right with me. A lot of it is just leaning on my intuition.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Notsam Wrestling podcast with a h/t to for the transcription. Check out Sam Roberts’ YouTube channel by clicking here.

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