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WWE Champion Big E says he’s open to turning heel and making the jump to Hollywood acting

WWE Champion Big E. appeard on “Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker” to promote Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Here are some transcribed highlights:

Big E on whether he prefers having the singles run he is on now, or if he would prefer to be in the New Day faction winning tag-team titles:

“Those are my guys.  To me, the ideal situation scenario is us being on the same show and we’re still doing what we’re doing, but on the same show.  Obviously, this has been the best time in my career.  Being World Champion, I wouldn’t trade that for anything in wrestling.  I’m really loving this run.  I’m enjoying it.  As much as we’ve done together, I think it was about a year and a half ago, I got to this point where, not that I was bored being a part of the New Day, I love those guys, but I just love the idea of doing something different.  Even though I didn’t love the idea of us being on different shows, I think being on SmackDown alone allowed me to get comfortable alone, doing promos on my own, and forming an identity on my own.  I think it was definitely a positive thing.  At some point, I’m sure we’ll go back to doing some tag stuff, but I like this role now, and I want to stay World Champion.  I want to continue to do singles stuff, but I just wish we were all together on the same show.”

Big E said he would love to wrestle Edge and Goldberg:

“I know Edge is a babyface too, but he’s been on such an incredible run.  The stuff he did with Rollins, that whole trilogy was so good.  Their match at Crown Jewel was incredible, an instant classic.  Honestly, my real number 1 is Goldberg.  I’m not saying we would have the greatest match of all time, but this man was my childhood hero.  I met him over 20 years ago at a signing.  I still have the 8×10 in my house in a closet that he gave to me, that he signed for me, years ago.  It’s just something that’s very full circle about it.  The fact that it’s even possible is dope.”

E’s thoughts on whether he would want to turn heel:

“I think at some point, but I don’t think at any time soon.  Honestly, just being really liked is nice.  When I look at the roster, there are more options I like right now on the heel side.  I think being a babyface is what I’m going to do for the foreseeable future.”

Big E was asked if he would want to go to Hollywood:

“I have, but it’s easy to say, ‘I’m going to go to Hollywood and become a star, but it’s easier said than done.  I’m definitely open to it.  At its essence, I just love entertaining people.  I have a ton of fun doing it.  Voice work is the thing I’m putting more of my chips into.  I got to do an Adult Swim show called Lazor Wulf.   I love Vince Staples and Quinta Brunson.  Reginald VelJohnson is on the show.  I would love to do animated stuff, more voice work, and things like that.  I’m open to conventional acting as well.”

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