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WWE changed story for The Miz due to angle on SmackDown Live

The Miz and Maryse have been on a roll since she joined her real-life husband on the Raw after WrestleMania 32. Miz immediately reaped the benefits of having his wife on the road with him as he captured the IC Title and didn’t slow down from there. Since then Miz has experienced one of the greatest runs of his career that will no doubt be heavily featured in his promo package before his WWE Hall Of Fame induction someday.

One the other hand Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have still been struggling to get things going for themselves. They’ve each had some gimmicks that didn’t work. For some reason, fans can’t latch onto these guys with wrestling in their blood.

WWE recently changed things up for Bo and the Ax Man by pairing them up with Miz. Their first task was to wear bear costumes and beat down Dean Ambrose, not a bad gig.

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The Wrestling Observer reports the reason Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were put with Miz is due to an angle happening over on the blue brand. Apparently with the with the insertion of Maria and Mike Kanellis WWE only wants there to be one It Couple in WWE and Miz and Maryse might have been moved out of that role.

This is why WWE decided to place Bo and Curtis with Miz and Maryse so they can form a stable to counter the Kanellis couple on SmackDown Live. This might also be why Maryse seems to be at odds with her husband in case they want to take her off television entirely.

It’s a nice try to switch things up but it’s possible to have a couple on each show. This very well might also be why WWE won’t put Rusev with Lana anymore because they’re on the same show. In an ever-evolving WWE landscape sometimes you have to move some puzzle pieces around to fit the picture you’re trying to create. Apparently, Vince McMahon and Company don’t want a couple on each show. This could explain a lot while opening the door for so many more questions at the same time.

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