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WWE changes team name again, no longer The Viking Experience

Viking Raiders

The Viking Experience name has been changed again.

The team that was formerly known as War Machine in ROH and then the War Raiders in NXT and The Viking Experience last week on Monday Night Raw will now be known as The Viking Raiders.

The change was made on their bios on Monday. No word on why the decision was made to change the name just one week after it was changed last week for their main roster debut. Their individual names (Ivar and Erik) have not been changed.

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Sometimes, WWE changes names for trademark reasons so they can own the name. In other cases, it's simply because Vince McMahon decides on something he likes better.

As noted last week, the original idea was to name them The Berzerkers. 90s WWF wrestler John Nord played The Viking for a few weeks before being renamed The Berzerker and the belief is that Nord's character was the inspiration behind the Viking Experience/Raiders name.

The inspiration for the Erik and Ivar names came from a former MLB baseball player. Click here for more on that story.