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WWE cites head-to-head ratings loss to AEW as proof that they are not a dominant monopoly



As was noted last night, WWE filed a motion to dismiss the MLW lawsuit. Full details on the motion to dismiss are at this link.

Dave Meltzer added that in addition to WWE's response, they also included an exhibit to show that they are not a dominant monopoly and the exhibit is the October 18, 2021 Wrestling Observer Newsletter that covered WWE SmackDown's head to head loss to AEW Rampage in the ratings.

Last October, an episode of SmackDown ran for 2 and a half hours, thus putting them in direct competition with AEW. At the time, WWE would not say that they lost to AEW but the ratings showed that AEW won the key demos that advertisers care about.

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Meltzer tweeted, "In the WWE's response to the MLW lawsuit, besides the written response they provided an exhibit. The exhibit was the October 18, 2021 issue of the Observer that covered WWE losing the 30 minutes head-to-head with AEW as evidence they weren't a dominant monopoly."

From a legal standpoint, WWE likely felt the need to point that out in their efforts to get the lawsuit thrown out. It's unclear yet what the judge will do.