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WWE confirms ACH (Jordan Myles) has been released



As it was noted earlier, it appeared that ACH (the former Jordan Myles) has received his release from WWE.

It looked likely after he posted a photo of himself signing paperwork that looked like release papers. The papers appeared to show the WWE logo. Furthermore, he is already booked for his first post-WWE independent date on Friday.

WWE has confirmed that he has indeed been released so he is now free to work elsewhere.

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ACH has been ripping the company for the last couple of weeks after he took offense to a shirt that came across like a blackface design. People in the company noted that the design was quickly pulled and no shirts were sold and there was no malice involved when the shirt was made.

When WWE announced that NXT was moving to the USA Network, shirts were quickly made for everyone on the NXT roster and the Jordan Myles shirt was part of the mass production so that the fast-tracked production of the shirts likely played a part in the design making it to the website.

There was sympathy to ACH from people in the business but that changed when he ripped on Jay Lethal, who has nothing to do with his issues with WWE.

Either way, a mistake was made and ACH no longer wanted to be associated with the company and now he is free to work elsewhere.