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WWE continues to mention Daniel Bryan, but still doesn’t give an update on his condition has a new article up about Daniel Bryan’s medical condition. The article made it clear that there is no real timetable for his return, but you can still read what they wrote down below.

“Perhaps The Authority should, in fact, step in. Bryan himself has proclaimed that a titleholder needs to be a fighting champion, always ready to give the WWE Universe the show they deserve. If the bearded Superstar can’t provide that level of competition due to injury or otherwise, even he would argue it’s only fair that he should step aside for someone else who can.

It’s very possible that this swell of speculation is all for nothing. Certainly, The Beard could emerge on Raw or SmackDown, this week or the next, to clarify that he’s ready to return — be it after a few more weeks of recoup or, better still, that he is good to go now. In that case, there then would remain one more very important question: Should Bryan come back to defend the title, will he be the same athlete that we have come to know?

For instance, could a reemerging WWE’s “Yes!” Man be forced to change his style in order to continue to compete? Might he take on more of a brawling style rather the oft-aerial technical specialist we have come to know and love? Though we are sure Bryan himself would answer his naysayers with a resounding “No!” until a clear answer is provided, the WWE Universe waits with bated breath to see its Intercontinental Champion restored and fighting to the tune of “Yes!” in mass unison. Will WWE fans learn of Daniel Bryan’s (and the Intercontinental Championship’s) fate ahead? Stick with WWE programming and for the latest updates.”

As noted, WWE has pulled Bryan from all advertisements up until May 28th.

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