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WWE could be changing up a popular act on SmackDown Live



It didn't take the WWE Universe long to latch onto the idea of Rusev Day. Perhaps it was just Rusev's bold proclamation of his own holiday that struck the funny bone of some fans but for whatever reason.

It's hard to not list Rusev as a breakout star in the middle of a rise. But WWE had some issues with his booking because although he was a heel during his matches, people cheered him like a loved babyface before the bell rang and continued with thunderous "Rusev Day" chants throughout the night.

Lana was added to the mix for good reason. It looked like they were teasing a split of Rusev Day early on into her story with English and Rusev but that appears to be tabled at this point. Now the trio seems happy where they are as Aiden English provides support to both Rusev and Lana by being at ringside and giving them an excellent introduction.

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Rusev Day was a babyface team with as Aiden English would lead crowds in operatic versions of his sing-song promos and people ate it up. But they really weren't supposed to. Now it looks like WWE might be switching things up for Aiden English and the Lion Of Bulgaria.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Aiden English was struck in the throat which has apparently caused him to stop with the singing. He has transitioned slightly out of the operatic introductions already replacing them with a rapping melody meshed with singing like something out of WWE's version of Hamilton but apparently, that might be getting them over too much?

Although it was noted that there is probably little WWE can do to stop people from cheering for Rusev at this point WWE might be trying to get crowds to stop anticipating their Rusev Day act as much.

Perhaps Aiden English will be able to turn things around and keep singing but if WWE is trying to tease crowds with something they love like the usual Rusev Day introduction then they might just demand it by chanting "Rusev Day" even louder.