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WWE could be looking to build a bigger Performance Center



The WWE Performance Center is home to plenty of WWE hopefuls as they learn the craft of pro wrestling from NXT's amazing coaching staff. But at this point, there are a lot of people in the Performance Center and it could be seen as quite crowded. The PC opened on July 11, 2013, and started training the Superstars of tomorrow right away. But just shy of the facility's five-year birthday it looks like WWE could be looking for something bigger.

Bobby Roode commented to KARK-TV while promoting Raw in Little Rock Arkansas that he's heard WWE is building an even bigger space for their already crowded developmental roster to train and learn the ropes.

"From what I hear, it's going to continue to grow," Roode said while speaking about the WWE Performance Center. "I heard that they're looking to build a new facility, a larger facility."

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This is very interesting news seeing how the WWE Performance Center isn't very old as it is. The Orlando location has proved to be a very successful spot and many Superstars have relocated to be closer to this centralized location. Let's hope WWE doesn't try and change too much because it's not broken and doesn't need much fixing. If anything they could open up another facility and just run one huge operation out of two buildings.

Only time will tell what happens in this situation but Bobby Roode apparently heard there are plans in the works to move WWE's training facility to another location soon enough and they could be building from scratch.

Thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the transcription