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WWE Crown Jewel results: Big E vs. Drew McIntyre – WWE Championship

Big E put his WWE Championship on the line against Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Big E and McIntyre have been uneasy partners over the last couple of weeks on Monday Night Raw.

Both men tried to test each other by attempting shoulder blocks off the ropes. They made their way to ringside and McIntyre hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, McIntyre continued on offense but E fought back and then McIntyre countered with a side Russian leg sweep and pin attempt. Moments later, McIntyre hit a jumping spinebuster before trying again for the pin.

Big E took briefly took over but McIntyre came back with overhead throws and a neckbreaker. Big E countered a future shock DDT with a belly to belly and splash off the ropes. McIntyre surprised E with a roll up and a Michinoku driver and pin attempt. Big E almost scored a pin after hitting a Uranage slam from the corner of the ring.

McIntyre hit the future shock DDT but Big E kicked out of the pin attempt as fans chanted, “this is awesome.” McIntyre went for the claymore but E turned it into a powerbomb and the stretch muffler submission. McIntyre was able to break free but E hit the Big Ending and McIntyre kicked out of the pin attempt.

Big E tried a Big Ending from the top rope but McIntyre countered into a bulldog and another pin attempt. McIntyre tried the Claymore but E moved out of the way. E went for a spear but McIntyre hit the Claymore and almost won the match. Big E finally won the match after hitting another Big Ending.

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