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WWE Crown Jewel results: Edge vs. Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell match

WWE Crown Jewel kicked off with the Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Edge.

A minute into the match, the match spilled to ringside and Edge sent Rollins into the steel steps. Edge also brought chairs into the ring. Edge tried for the first pin attempt after hitting the Edgecution. Edge then tried to lock in a crossface with a piece of the chair but Rollins broke free and then followed up with a sling blade and pin attempt.

Minutes later, Rollins hit Edge several times with a chair and he went for the con-chair-to but Edge moved and then locked Rollins into a crossface. Rollins broke free by using the bar from the steel chair that Edge used earlier. Rollins followed up by punching a chair in Edge’s face and a frog splash but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt.

Rollins set up a table at ringside and then hit the Unprettier on Edge in the ring, Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Rollins went for a move off the top but Edge shoved him off the top and into the side of the cell and then through the table at ringside.

Back in the ring, Edge hit the Edgeomatic on Rollins onto the steel steps that were positioned in the center of the ring. Edge followed up with a dive off the top with a chair onto Rollins, who was still laying on the steps. Edge tried a spear but Rollins countered with a superkick and pedigree. Rollins went for the pin but Edge kicked out. Rollins went for the stomp but Edge caught him with a buckle bomb and spear and then Edge went for the pin and Rollins barely kicked out.

Edge brought a ladder in the ring and rammed it into Rollins’ head but Rollins turned things around by sending Edge’s body into the ladder in the corner of the ring. Both men ended up fighting on the ladder and then Rollins hit a sunset bomb that sent Edge off the ladder and through a table but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Rollins followed up with several superkicks. Rollins wrapped a chain around his foot and superkicked Edge again. He set up for the stomp but Edge lifted a chair in between Rollins’ legs. Edge superkicked Rollins twice and then grabbed the chain and used it around Rollins’ face. Edge also used a wrench but Edge let go of the crossface before Rollins could tap out. Edge pinned Rollins after stomping him into the steel chair.

Edge got a monster reaction from the fans. Edge got emotional as they set off the pyro around the arena.

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