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WWE Crown Jewel results: Goldberg defeated Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley and Goldberg faced off in a “No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere” match at WWE Crown Jewel. The “Falls Count Anywhere” stipulation was added during the Kickoff show. Goldberg has been saying in his promos that he plans to kill Lashley.

Goldberg attacked Lashley first but Lashley fought back and he had a chain wrapped around his fist. Lashley dominated until he went for a spear and crashed through a table when Goldberg moved out of the way. Goldberg, who was limping in the match, hit a spear and jackhammer but he didn’t go for a pin.

The match spilled to ringside and Goldberg speared Lashley through the barricade. Lashley continued to beat up Lashley around the ringside area. Goldberg went to drop steps onto Lashley’s head but Lashley moved and began to crawl up the aisle towards the stage. The Hurt Business walked out with kendo sticks but Lashley took them out.

Lashley took a kendo stick and used it on Lashley and then he speared Lashley off the stage and through a table. Goldberg pinned Lashley to win the match. As Goldberg celebrated, Lashley got up and walked to the back.

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