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WWE Crown Jewel results: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar



In the main event of WWE Crown Jewel, Roman Reigns put his Universal Championship on the line against Brock Lesnar. The main story going into this match has been about Paul Heyman's intentions and whether or not he will turn on Reigns to reunite with Lesnar. Earlier today, WWE announced that this would be a "No DQ" match but they pulled back on that stipulation 20 minutes later.

During the entrance, Michael Cole referred to Reigns as the "suplexorcist" for the first time. WWE recently filed for that trademark. Cole said that Lesnar held the Universal Title for 503 days and Reigns is second behind him with plans to surpass Lesnar.

The match started with both men tying up against the ropes. Lesnar charged at Reigns with boots to the stomach and blows to the back but Reigns fought back with punches. Reigns blocked an early suplex attempt but Lesnar picked up and drove Reigns into the corner and then followed up with shoulders to the stomach. Reigns again countered a suplex but Lesnar finally hit the first suplex of the match a few seconds later.

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The match moved to the ringside area and Reigns shoved Lesnar's head into the ring post. Reigns followed up with a Superman punch that knocked Lesnar off the apron. Lesnar got up and Reigns followed up with a dive over the top rope onto Lesnar on the floor. Back in the ring, Reigns hit a spear and then he went for a pin but Lesnar kicked out. Reigns hit to more Superman punches but Lesnar got back up. Reigns went for a spear but Lesnar leapfrogged over him and Reigns' head hit the center turnbuckle. Lesnar hit three more German suplexes and the F5 but Reigns kicked out of the pin attempt. Lesnar went for another F5 but Reigns countered into the guillotine submission. Lesnar broke free countered with a spinebuster.

Lesnar went for another F5 but Reigns' body hit referee Charles Robinson so there was no pin. Lesnar went to pick up Robinson but caused him to roll out of the ring and then Reigns hit the spear. Heyman tossed the Universal Championship in the ring in between Lesnar and Reigns and yelled, "you know what to do with it!" A tug of war ensued and Lesnar pulled the belt but The Usos ran in and superkicked Lesnar. Reigns hit Lesnar with the belt and another ref ran in to make the count. Reigns retained his title.

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