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Roman Reigns put his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship on the line against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Logan got a massive fireworks display and an elaborate entrance. During Reigns' entrance, Michael Cold tried his best to get fans to think that Reigns was not being himself this week and that he might actually lose.

Paul surprised Reigns with an amateur wrestling takedown and a fireman's carry. Reigns took control of the match after he fired off a right hand to the head of Paul. However, Paul came back with a nice leapfrog, a hip toss, and clothesline over the top rope. Paul also hit a cross body off the barricade and a Buckshot Lariat.

Paul tried a springboard move off the ropes but Reigns caught him with a right hand to the face. Reigns dominated the match for the next few minutes until Paul began to start a comeback. Paul was close to winning after hitting the Blockbuster but Reigns was able to kick out.

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Paul hit a Superman punch but he was too tired to immediately go for the pin. Paul kipped up and hit a crossbody off the top, followed by a standing moonsault and a pin attempt. Paul went for sweet chin music but Reigns countered into a Uranage slam. Reigns missed the Superman punch, Paul hit his "lucky punch" and a Superman punch. Reigns kicked out of the pin attempt. 

Paul hit a splash off the top and through a table. The Uso came out and they beat up people from Paul's entourage. Jake Paul went out to ringside and he knocked out Jimmy and Jey. Logan hit the frog splash on Reigns but Reigns kicked out. Solo Sikoa went out the ringside area but officials stopped him from fighting with Jake. Logan then did a dive onto The Usos at ringside. Logan ran back in the ring, took a Superman punch and spear from Reigns. Reigns retained. 

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