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WWE cut pay for referees and producers

WWE cutting costs is continuing as now the referees and producers are feeling an impact.

Just on Saturday, it was reported that a number of executives and officials were informed over the last 48 hours that their pay would be reduced going forward. For more on that, click here.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that other personnel has been forced to take pay cuts as well. Per Meltzer, most of the referees if not all of them have taken a pay cut. The belief is that the cuts are as much as 20 percent of their pay.

Also, most producers took a reduced salary. It should be noted that WWE has cut down on how many producers they have under contract since April as WWE furloughed several producers when the company decided to release several talent and staff.

It’s been reported that the belief is WWE will bring back some producers who were furloughed once they start running live events again.

The talent and staff releases as well as cutting back on the budget is all due to WWE’s plan because of the financial impact of the coronavirus.

You can listen to Meltzer talk about the pay cuts below around the 3:30 mark:



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