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WWE Day 1 results: Beth Phoenix returns during Edge vs. The Miz match

After the Brood bath last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, The Miz looked to get revenge on Edge at WWE Day 1. Maryse was in Miz’s corner for this match.

Edge’s entrance consisted of a mix of The Brood and his current theme, similar to what he did at SummerSlam last year. The announcers said he did this to prove that the old Edge still exists.

Miz was in control for the first couple of minutes into the match until he crashed his groin into the turnbuckle when Edge sidestepped him. Edge went for a pin attempt after hitting a side slam. Edge favored his leg due to the Miz attacking that area.

The match spilled to ringside and Miz was about to put Edge through the announcers table but Edge countered and slammed Miz’s face into the table and then as they got in the ring, Edge hit a crossbody off the top. Edge also tried to make Miz tap but Miz slipped out and attempted the STF submission. Miz then slingshotted Edge into the top turnbuckle but the ref caught Miz’s legs on the rope during the pin attempt.

Edge turned things around and he locked a crossface submission but thanks to help from Maryse putting Miz’s foot on the rope, the hold was broken. After a backslide and pin attempt, both men knocked each other out when they both kicked each other in the face at the same time. Miz recovered and he hit some offense in the corner but Edge caught up with him on the top rope and he launched Miz into the ring with a hip toss.

Edge went for a spear but Miz moved and Edge crashed into the turnbuckle. Maryse punched Edge and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Beth Phoenix walked out and ran off Maryse. Edge hit the spear on Miz to win the match.

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