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WWE Day 1 results: live coverage

WWE Day 1
January 1, 2022
State Farm Arena
Atlanta, GA

We are live with ongoing WWE Day 1 results. As always, results will be posted here immediately after every match so refresh this page often or click here if you don’t see updates immediately.

There have been some changes to the card. WWE announced today that the Universal Championship match has been canceled due to Roman Reigns testing positive for COVID-19. Brock Lesnar has been inserted into the WWE Championship match. Also, WWE is not advertising Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Title.

Kickoff Show

Cesaro and Ricochet vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland

Holland was out of the match early with a broken nose so Sheamus wrestled the bulk of the match on his own but he was able to get the win after hitting the Brogue Kick on Cesaro.

Main Card

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (Champions) vs. The New Day

Jimmy Uso and King Woods started the match. Jimmy and Jey got the advantage after Kingston tagged into the match. The pace of the match started out very slow, possibly because they needed to go longer because of the Universal Title match being scrapped.

Woods tried a few times to tag in but he was cut off and The Usos continued to beat on Kingston. Kingston was finally able to hit a DDT off the top on Jey and he tagged out at the same time as Jey did. The pace picked up when Kingston tagged back in the match. Kingston hit a splash off the top on Jimmy and almost pinned him.

Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise but Jey countered with a kick and Jimmy tagged in and hit a splash off the top. Late in the match, there were several close near falls for Woods and Kingston, including one after Woods hit a knee off the top on Jimmy. Fans were really into this match and they popped for all of the big spots and near falls. Jimmy and Jey regained control of the match with stereo superkicks and stereo Uso splashes. Jey made the cover on Kingston but Woods broke it up.

The Usos finally won the match after hitting the 3D, apparently as a tribute to the Dudley Boyz.

After the match, WWE Champion Big E was interviewed. They also did a backstage interview with Migos.

Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss

They had some time to fill without the Universal Title match so Moss and Corbin did some mic work before the match got started.

As expected, McIntyre dominated the match until Moss was able to get the advantage because of a distraction from Corbin. There were audible boos from some of the fans when Moss applied a chin lock.  Moss went for a move into the corner but he crashed face first and McIntyre threw him over his head. McIntyre followed up with clotheslines, overhead throws and a sitdown powerbomb into a pin attempt.

McIntyre went for a crossbody off the ropes but Moss caught him. Moss almost dropped him and he recovered so he could deliver an overhead slam. McIntyre recovered moments later and hit the Future Shock DDT but Moss kicked out of the pin attempt. McIntyre tried a suplex off the top but Moss blocked it but McIntyre yanked MOss and threw him into the ring. McIntyre finally hit the Claymore to get the pin and win the match.

Backstage interview with Kevin Owens. He wasn’t happy about Brock Lesnar being added to the WWE Championship match.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
RK-Bro (Champions) vs. The Street Profits

RK-Bro brought Migos out with them during their entrance. Migos were sat at ringside next to the announcer’s table during the match.

Riddle tagged out to Orton after a minute of offense from Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Moments later Riddle was back in the ring. He hit a flurry of kicks on Dawkins but Dawkins countered and he hit a silencer slam. Throughout the match, the wrestlers kept looking over to Migos and the announcers kept referring to them as the greatest group in the world.

Late in the match, Orton and Ford made hot tags but it was Orton who hit the offense, including a double draping DDT on both members of The Street Profits. Riddle got involved with a flurry of offense but he was knocked out to the floor and Orton was sent into the ring post. Ford then did an incredible dive over the ring post onto Riddle and Orton at ringside. They eventually recovered and a combination RKO helped seal the win for RK-Bro. After the match, both teams shook hands and they celebrated with Migos.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre was attacked by Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. They wrapped a chair around McIntyre’s head and then they slammed a piece of metal equipment on it.

Backstage interview with Brock Lesnar. He said he does what he wants to do because he’s a free agent, thanks to his advocate Paul Heyman and he will walk out tonight as the WWE Champion and he said that is a spoiler.

Edge vs. The Miz

Edge’s entrance consisted of a mix of The Brood and his current theme, similar to what he did at SummerSlam last year. The announcers said he did this to prove that the old Edge still exists.

Miz was in control for the first couple of minutes into the match until he crashed his groin into the turnbuckle when Edge sidestepped him. Edge went for a pin attempt after hitting a side slam. Edge favored his leg due to the Miz attacking that area.

The match spilled to ringside and Miz was about to put Edge through the announcers table but Edge countered and slammed Miz’s face into the table and then as they got in the ring, Edge hit a crossbody off the top. Edge also tried to make Miz tap but Miz slipped out and attempted the STF submission. Miz then slingshotted Edge into the top turnbuckle but the ref caught Miz’s legs on the rope during the pin attempt.

Edge turned things around and he locked a crossface submission but thanks to help from Maryse putting Miz’s foot on the rope, the hold was broken. After a backslide and pin attempt, both men knocked each other out when they both kicked each other in the face at the same time. Miz recovered and he hit some offense in the corner but Edge caught up with him on the top rope and he launched Miz into the ring with a hip toss.

Edge went for a spear but Miz moved and Edge crashed into the turnbuckle. Maryse punched Edge and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Beth Phoenix walked out and ran off Maryse. Edge hit the spear on Miz to win the match.

Bobby Lashley was interviewed backstage.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch (Champion) vs. Liv Morgan

Morgan did a codebreaker to start the match and she rammed Lynch’s face repeatedly into the announcer’s table. Morgan went for a dive through the ropes and Lynch countered with a kick to the face. They went back and forth until Lynch launched Morgan under the bottom rope.

Lynch continued on offense with shots to Morgan in the corner of the ring. Morgan countered by launching Lynch into the top turnbuckle. Morgan got a couple of close near falls and she got frustrated that Lynch kept on kicking out. Morgan went for a move off the top rope but Lynch ran to her to counter but Morgan fought back and then did a springboard into a sunset flip off the turnbuckle.

Lynch countered an inside cradle and she hit a face slam. Morgan hit a dropkick off the top but Lynch rolled out of the ring. Morgan hit a dive through the ropes and she shoved Lynch in the ring but Lynch avoided the pin attempt again by rolling out of the ring. Lynch rammed Morgan’s face into the announcer’s table. Morgan barely made it back in the ring before the 10-count.

Morgan sent Lynch into the ring steps and she stomped her arm into the steps like Lynch did to her on Raw. Morgan hit an armbreaker/codebreaker off the top. Morgan locked in a submission but Lynch broke free. Lynch countered the Oblivion into the Man Handle Slam to retain the title.

There was a backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

WWE Championship – Fatal 5-Way Match
Big E (Champion) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar

Everyone went to attack Lesnar but he fought back and he hit several people with German suplexes. Big E knocked Lesnar out of the ring but Lashley picked up Big E and drove him into the ring post. Lashley then speared Lensar through the barricade. Lesnar also took a splash from Owens on the floor. Rollins and Owens worked together to hit Lesnar with steel steps and thus, keeping Lesnar out of the match. Big E picked up and slammed through the announcer’s table.

Back in the ring, Big E had to fight off both Rollins and Owens. Rollins tried to finish off E with the stomp but Lensar ran in and gave the F5 to all of the men in the ring but Lashley speared Lesnar and almost pinned him. Lashley put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock but Big E attacked Lashley. E hit the Big Ending on Lashley but Lesnar hit the F5.

Lashley stared down Lesnar as he walked towards the backstage area.

This show was great.

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