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WWE denied several trademarks due to lack of written consent from wrestlers



WWE is facing some challenges with filing certain trademarks.

On July 30th, WWE submitted four trademarks, but they yet to be accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The listed reason for this is due to a lack of written consent from talent who perform under the names. has obtained documentation for the trademarks, which will be abandoned in six months if WWE doesn't comply. Here are the names, according to a response by the UPTO that was sent to WWE on October 6th:

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Thus, WWE needs a statement and written consent from each wrestler for the trademark of their ring name to be approved.

“To register a mark that consists of or comprises the name of a particular living individual, including a first name, pseudonym, stage name, or nickname, an applicant must provide a written consent personally signed by the named individual.”

WWE also filed to trademark Mia Yim’s ring name, but they dealt with a similar issue. WWE has yet to provide what is needed. For the time being, Yim registered the trademark on her own.