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WWE Diva gets rattled after fans catcall her during her promo, NXT scouting notes

There are some NXT scouting notes in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. Braun Stowman is said to not be close to being ready and Eva Marie reportedly got rattled on her promo when fans started catcalling her. Her segment aired last night on the WWE Network stream and is available now in the on demand section. The crowd was pretty brutal with her and there were loud "you can't wrestle chants" during her promo. I think it came off worse live so there may have been some editing done in post-production.

Finn Balor vs. Rhyno was said to be the best match at the last tapings. I think Rhyno has a lot left in the tank and he should be used on the main roster as well. Also, reports from the tapings say that the crowd reactions were down and the Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens match was not as heated as expected. The same goes for the post-match brawl but things picked up when one guy called the other guy a "bitch." Apparently Joe and Owens were allowed to get away with stuff that other wrestlers can't get away with. The talent in developmental has been taught not to use those type of words because the company wants to be seen as family friendly and the idea is that swearing is cheap heat.

Baron Corbin is a full-time heel and Lina (she is related to The Rock) is being pushed as a Samoan monster woman. Also, reports are that talents that weren't already made elsewhere (Owens and Samoa Joe as examples of talents that were made elsewhere) are not making progress at a rate that they'd be expected to.

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