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WWE Diva hacked, Los Matadors cartoonish promo, NXT Diva training video

WWE Diva Naomi was hacked today on twitter. The person that hacked the account posted “I never feel more racist than when trying to find my waiter at a Mexican restaurant.”

The tweet has been removed and the issue seems to have been resolved. At one point the account was linking to an adult website.

Los Matadores cut promos for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico for the WWC Anniversary show. Their contracts allow them to work some WWC shows. The latest Wrestling Observer newsletter noted that the promos sent over by Diego and Fernando were cartoonish with fake accents in their full WWE characters. It's well known in Puerto Ricl that Eddie Colon and Orlando Colon are playing the characters and the feeling is that perhaps some fans will turn on them when they appear in WWC.

WWE NXT Facebook page has a video up of Enzo, Big Cass and Carmella training. You can check it out below.

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