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WWE doctors are reviewing results concerning Daniel Bryan’s return

The story of Daniel Bryan has yet to be closed when it comes to wrestling in a WWE ring. Although he didn’t have the most hopeful news previously, it looks like WWE’s doctors are going to start paying attention to what Daniel Bryan’s doctors have found which could be great news.

However, as Brie Bella said while speaking to Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia, “He is (trying to come back to wrestle). Literally, from the day they told him he couldn’t do it anymore, he’s been all over the United States and to all different doctors to figure out why and what he can do to turn that no into a yes.”

“All these doctors are telling him he can wrestle, they don’t see what the issue is. I think WWE are looking at it and that’s why he’s been really vocal lately because he does have hope. They are willing to look at what the other doctors are saying.”

In the end, you can’t fault WWE for being so careful with someone like Daniel Bryan who aside from being beloved by millions is still a human being. But it looks like if WWE is willing to take the doctor’s recommendations into consideration that Daniel Bryan has found on his own, then the WWE Universe might see The Bearded GOAT back in the ring sooner or later.

If anything, WWE doesn’t want or need Daniel Bryan to go off on his own and set the independent wrestling world on fire which is exactly what he plans on doing if WWE won’t let him lace up his boots again.

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