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WWE Draft: Major trade expected tonight on Monday Night Raw

WWE Draft

A "blockbuster" trade is expected tonight in the WWE Draft edition of Monday Night Raw.

Last Friday on SmackDown, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer said that there would be a blockbuster trade announced soon. This was backed up today by a report from insider news account @WrestleVotes.

The Draft hasn't gone as smooth as WWE has wanted because results from Friday's draft picks were known to fans before they were announced by Stephanie McMahon and this was because the draft pools that were listed on were listed in the exact order as they were announced on SmackDown.

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Someone at WWE realized the mistake and the page was eventually updated to show the draft pools in alphabetical order. It's possible that WWE will try to shake things up tonight from their original plans but you can click here if you want to see what the draft pools looked like before WWE made the change.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the draft pool error happened because someone at was given the list of names and they were told to list the names in alphabetical order. The website person apparently forgot to do so and posted the list of names as they were given to him.

As noted on Sunday, several wrestlers are just hoping to get through tonight and go back to business as usual. The FOX Sports segments did not go over well with some of the wrestlers. Click here for more on that story.