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Fans are intrigued with what WWE is doing with its White Rabbit teases on television as SmackDown drew its largest total viewership since 2020 last week.

The teases continued on Monday’s episode of Raw as WWE dropped another White Rabbit video that featured old footage of some legendary names, including John Cena, Randy Orton, Steve Austin, and others.

The main message is the same as last week as the video asks, "Who killed the world?" and then answers, "You did." The "Feed Your Head" message was there as well. There was also a hidden message within the source code of the video on that says, "No man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil."

That is the first two lines in the theme song for Aleister Black (Malaki Black), leading to speculation that this might be for him as he had reportedly asked for AEW release. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as he recently denied asking for his release from the promotion.

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WWE dropped another clue during a backstage segment where Bayley was doing a promo. There was a buzzard seen in the background.

Although not confirmed, the belief is that all of these videos are leading to Bray Wyatt's return, as he’s had recent talks with WWE about a potential return.