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WWE Elimination Chamber results: Becky Lynch vs. Lita



At WWE Elimination Chamber, Lita challenged Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship in her first singles match in many years. Cole said Lita has not been in a "meaningful" one on one match in 16 years.

The match started with Lita locking in a headlock and hitting a shoulder tackle. Lita hit some punches and a hurricanrana but Lynch came back with a kick to the stomach a whiplash move from the top rope. Moments later, Lita fought back with some ground and pound punches but Lynch hit a back elbow, forearms and a leg drop off the second rope.

Lynch hit two Bexploders but Lita countered the third one with a DDT. Lita hit some punches and clotheslines and a crossbody off the second rope into a pin attempt as fans chanted "this is awesome." Lynch almost scored the pinfall with her hand on the rope but the referee caught her. Lita then applied a sleeper hold but Lynch made it to the ropes. Lita hit a powerbomb and then she tried the moonsault off the top but Lynch moved out to ringside. Back in the ring, Lita hit a facebuster move and almost pinned Lynch. Lynch locked in the disarm her submission and the Manhandle slam but Lita avoided being pinned by putting her foot on the bottom rope. Lynch went for a moonsault but Lita moved and hit the Twist of Fate. Lita hit the moonsault but Lynch kicked out. Lynch won the match with the Manhandle Slam. Lita got a standing ovation after the match.

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